The private jet design is inspired by the manta ray, symbolizing speed and elegance, it's fluid and sensual.

The composite wings merge with a fuselage of oval cross section and the rear has no classical tail. The two engines are light and powerful. This Super Jet is designed to accommodate 6 passengers and 3 crew members. The central area has a loft-style layout. Low sofa beds in the center, home theater system inclusing internet. Adapting lightning colors and intensity to crossed time zones.

Like a large ceiling window, only the upper part of the cabin is glazed. At night, the starry sky is visible through the photovoltaic cells. During the day time this transparent ceiling becomes opaque.

Maximum range - 10,000km
Cruising Speed - 900 km/h
Short take off and landing distance
The styling is inspired by the shape of the “ray manta”.
Full panoramic front windshield
Width - 34m
Length - 32m
Height - 6m