Sacha Lakic

A designer who loves movement and speed, with a strong passion for future technologies. Lakic has carried out many ambitious projects including automotive design, furniture, architecture and product design, always being loyal to the comfort and enjoyment his designs provide the user.

Lakic is a rare designers capable of moving from one world to another with both ease and effectiveness.

With an unconventional approach, allowing Lakic to look upon design as basically an act of creation which can be integrated into an industrial environment. His creations have met with dazzling success, simply because they are an astute blend of beauty and functionality, technique and emotion.

Anticipating trends, Lakic puts his signature to intelligent objects of rare beauty. Admitting to being stimulated by constraints, he above all aims to produce dreams and pleasure.

Sacha Lakic creations are destined to become collectors items.

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Lakic is a rare designer, capable of moving from one design field to another with both ease and effectiveness. Having designed cars, bikes, furniture, architecture and everyday objects, both playful and refined, rational and moving, comfortable and revolutionary, Lakic is playing with industrial constraints to give to projects timeless modernity.

What characterizes the world of Sacha Lakic, is the extraordinary sense of movement that animates his creations, they come to life as sleek shapes with high velocity. Combines beauty, functionality and sensuality, as a master of movement and speed, he transforms the living environment with new technological horizons and dreams, inspiring well-being and pure emotion.

Sacha Lakic’s designs are timeless and are destined to become future classics.