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BT02 THRUXMAN from Blacktrack Motors

Sacha Lakic took his passion and love for motorcycles and his desire to create unique custom builds and launched his own caféracer brand called Blacktrack Motors. 

Inspired by the fusion of emotion and technology embodied in motorcycles, Blacktrack Motors' raison d'être is to create exclusive, undiluted café racers.

Blacktrack's process involves stripping motorcycles to the bare essentials and bringing them up to date with contemporary components.

To this date, Sacha has launched 3 unique builds - all made in a limited series of less than 5 custom bikes.


Few motorcycles evoke as much nostalgia as the iconic Norton Manx. Launched in 1947, it found victory time and time again at the Isle of Man—and inspired an entire generation of café racers.


Now Blacktrack Motors have tapped into its DNA for the second special: the BT02 THRUXMAN. The idea was simple: create a contemporary café racer, blending the Manx's classic and unmistakable looks with modern performance.


“The Norton Manx epitomises café racer design,” says Sacha Lakic, Blacktrack founder. “Light, racy, fine, simple, pure and distinguishable, with a unique sound. My favourite version: the 1959 model!”




With a clear direction in mind, the BT02 project needed a suitable donor—a modern, reliable machine on par with the Manx's enduring legacy. Enter the new generation Triumph Thruxton R...


The engine is linear and powerful, the handling and braking are perfect, overall the bike is very playful and rigid. With the Thruxton R boasting fantastic performance—and an impressive parts spec—Blacktrack were free to focus on the reinterpretation design.



One of the original Manx's most distinguishing features is its fuel tank—so that's where Blacktrack started: a design that mimics the lines of the original, but with modern contours that complement the Thruxton's proportions.


Blacktrack partner, Ludo Gaag, then hand-shaped the new tank from aluminium. A sleek leather tank strap finishes it off. It's a classic combination that evokes the golden era of road racing, and is sure to get hearts racing.


The seat is also a one-off piece, shaped in the spirit of the original and upholstered in full grain black leather, with red piping as a final touch.


Getting the shape—and sound—of the exhaust was absolutely vital. So Lakic and the Blacktrack team designed a complete new system to emulate that on the Manx.


Other unique pieces on the bike include the side covers, upper and lower yokes, and clip-on handlebars. All designed to create a cohesive tribute to a truly inspirational motorcycle.


Choosing a colour palette for the BT02 THRUXMAN was easy: Blacktrack's own brand colours (black, red and silver) match Norton's original Manx livery perfectly. Finishes are premium, combining matte and glossy black effects with raw aluminum and anodised parts, to create a truly individual motorcycle. Even the Thruxton's gold forks and yellow shock springs were blacked out, leaving no stone unturned.

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