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Venturi Jamais Contente Livery 2010 & 2009

Land of records since 1914, Bonneville hosts the Speedweek each summer in August, a legendary meeting for fanatical speed freaks, in extreme conditions: wind, sun, aridity, floor temperature up to 50°C (122°F).


Venturi Automobiles launched the VBB program, an on-going program which started 10 years ago. Venturi set 3 international land speed records (homologated by the FIA):

Venturi VBB-2.0 (2009) : 303 mph (487 km/h)

Venturi VBB-2.5 (2010) : 307 mph (495 km/h)

Venturi VBB-3 (2016) : 341 mph (549 km/h)


Sacha Lakic designed the livery for this epic 3rd generation Venturi VBB with nearly 3,000 hp (2 X 1,500 hp)

Click here to view the Jamais Contente in action! 

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