Sacha Lakic Design is a namesake studio founded by Sacha Lakic in Paris, 1994 and since 2010, the studio moved its base to Luxembourg. 


We are a full scale design studio with extensive experience in Furniture design, Automobile design and Architectural design. We specialise in moving from one design universe to another with ease and effectiveness.  


With projects for many international clients like Roche Bobois, Fauchon, Venturi, Voxan etc. to name a few, our work has taken us across borders and across continents. 


We believe in striking and developing long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners by deep diving into the client brand’s DNA and taking into account all their technical and industrial constraints along with commercial and marketing visions before starting the design process. 

This fact is reflected very well in the many ephemeral partnerships and long duration projects plus collaborations we have under our belt. 


While our designs are often deemed to be bold, high tech, modern and futuristic; we are extremely conscious about the environmental impact of our designs and our work is focused on designing in harmony with nature and its elements.  



We are a boutique studio with a small team of designers headed by Sacha Lakic himself. 


Our team comprises of experienced multi cultural designers who embody Sacha's design philosophy and ethos.  

We thrive on passionate and constructive exchanges with our clients with a strong problem solving attitude. 

Our collective attitude at the design studio is to develop and nourish our personal relationships with our clients and go above and beyond to deliver the exceptional quality results. 






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Tel: +352 2625 8804

1, rue de l'Alzette, 7210 Helmsange - Luxembourg