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What matters first is to meet our clients’ requests if not overcome them. We thrive on passionate and constructive exchanges with our clients with a strong problem-solving attitude. We have a strong sense of commitment and will never stop working on a project until our customer is fully satisfied.


We aim to create designs that are a blend of beauty and functionality, technique and emotion. Our timeless modern designs aim to provide comfort and enjoyment while inspiring well-being. What characterizes our world is the strong passion for future technologies and the sense of movement that animates our creations, which come to life as sleek shapes with high velocity.


While our designs are often deemed to be high tech, modern and futuristic; we are extremely conscious about the environmental impact of our designs and our work is focused on designing in harmony with nature and its elements.  


Our team is stimulated by constrains, which above all wish to produce dream and pleasure. We look upon design as an act of creation which can be integrated into an industrial environment. 


We love to work for several industries, including automotive design, bikes, furniture, architecture and product design. Moving from one world to another is stimulating and rewarding. 


We became designers as a result of a passion and are always ready to face new challenges. 

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BARCELONA 2023  • Best Industrial Designer

GENEVA 2024 • Winner of the 7th Foiling Awards  •  SEAIR, 40ft Flying Tender/Chase Boat 

LAS VEGAS, USA 2019  • CES2019 award for best design in Audio Speakers Category  •  0W1 Portable Speakers

LUXEMBOURG 2015 • Design Awards, gold award, product category  •  Bubble sofa, Roche Bobois
BERLIN 2011 • Challenge Michelin, Prix Bestdesign, Best accélération, Lowest CO2  •  Venturi Volage

PARIS 2009  •  Prix de  L’environnement GEO Magazine, catégorie transport • Venturi Eclectic
PARIS 2009  • Prix Spécial du jury du Festival de l’Automobile • Venturi Volage
CHICAGO 2008  • Good Design Award catégorie transport Venturi Eclectic
USA 2007  • Time Magazine, Eclectic élu 2e produit le plus intelligent de l’année après le iPhone
PARIS 2002  • Talents du luxe et de la création, Prix de la séduction • Fetish Concept
PARIS 2000  • APCI, «Etoile du design 2001» • Voxan Roadster
ROME 1996  • «Compasso d’oro» Casaidea • Collection Onda Roche Bobois
PARIS 1993  • «Janus du Design» • MBK Evolis

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Tel: +352 2625 8804

1, rue de l'Alzette, 7210 Helmsange - Luxembourg

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