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Venturi America - Buggy and Sport 

The VENTURI AMERCIA represents pleasure, sensations and emotions.

A Sports Buggy, inspired from the 60‘s and 70‘s American dune buggy culture, like used by Steve McQueen, in his classic film, Thomas Crown Affair. These buggies symbolized freedom, adventure and fun. The AMERICA is keeping the spirit whilst staying true to Venturi’s modern styling and advanced technologies.

Designed for the great outdoors, equipped with the same eco friendly +300 hp motor like the VENTURI FÉTISH sports car. This new-era lightweight Sports Buggy concept is a high-powered vehicle with a chassis specially designed to suit its high riding body. 

For electric vehicles to be successful today, they must appeal to today's market, in terms of both practicality and aesthetic styling, more so than the current conventional gasoline automobiles.


Click here to watch the Venturi America in action!

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